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Health Screening

A Wellness Plan Customized For Your Company

Corporate sponsored annual health screenings and checkups are proven to be effective in chronic/catastrophic disease prevention.  A truly tailored program for employees and ancillary staff can decrease costs for health coverage, and will increase employee satisfaction and retention.

With more time devoted to patients, our providers go well beyond standard care.

OnSite believes in comprehensive, advanced health screening modalities that have been shown to help detect issues early.

The results help give a clearer view of your employees overall health.

An Investment In Your Staffs Health, Is A Return On Your Business Health

Our doctors discuss test results in detail. 

Together, your employees and our clinical teams develop a collaborative, individualized action plan that will include next steps, how progress will be measured and a time frame for follow-up with primary care physicians or specialists when indicated.

The OnSite Wellness Program Measures:

Heart Health


Respiratory Health

Bone Health


Nutrition and Fitness



Emotional Well-Being

Sexual Health

Weight Management 

Overall Fitness

OnSite Medical Solutions works with individuals or corporations to customize an individualized, patient centric wellness plan. 

Examples of what could be included in individualized wellness plans:

  • Nutrition consultation with meal prep, personalized recipes and shopping lists if you’re following a diet that can help prevent or manage diabetes or cholesterol levels.
  • Customized exercise programs geared to your fitness ability.
  • A nutrition and fitness plan to help you lose weight and maintain weight loss.

Our wellness Program will help personal concierge patients or employees enrolled in our corporate health programs maintain good health and avoid some of the problems that come with aging through early detection and preventative medical intervention.

We offer a comprehensive and tailored program that allows us to help our patients map out a health plan specific to to each individuals needs.

Our evidence based approach to personalized preventive care leads to better health outcomes and can help keep employees out of the ER and the hospital.

Advantages of utilizing the OnSite Medical Solutions health screening program at your business, or for personal concierge services include:

  • 24/7 healthcare provider availability via tele health
  • OnSite website and app
  • In-person, on location point-of-care evaluation and testing
  • Cost savings and employee satisfaction

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