• Onsite Healthcare Solutions for Everyone

    We bring healthcare to workplaces — corporate, government, and social organizations.

    Join other businesses who lowered health insurance costs by providing wellness amenities to employees and guests with onsite coordinated healthcare.

Reduce Healthcare Costs
Retain Talent

Your employees gain access to convenient healthcare benefits that they value.

Your insurance premiums are lower because employees are more likely to engage in preventative care.

How We Work

OnSite Medical Solutions solves a healthcare performance gap by providing onsite coordinated healthcare to offices everywhere, on land and at sea.

Business Needs

  • Wellness Programs
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Fewer Workers' Compensation Claims

Employee Needs

  • Convenient, Compassionate Healthcare
  • Workplace Safety
  • A Reason to Return to the Office
  • Empathy if Injured

Shared Benefits

  • Reduced Cost of Healthcare
  • Faster Return-to-Work Times
  • Healthier Workforce
  • Improved Attendance

We're Changing the Nature of Healthcare

All healthcare providers deliver medical services. We're different. We make healthcare convenient, so employees will use it before an injury or illness becomes something more.

A 2,000 square foot UltraConenient Care Center could pay for itself in as fast as two weeks.

We're on a Mission

OnSite Medical Solutions is on a mission to democratize healthcare. We remove the barrier access. We will bring healthcare to everyone and make it cheaper in the process.

Switch the paradigm. Don't make employees go to healthcare. Make healthcare come to them.

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